• Old Wood
    Cross section of old log
  • Bellbird (Korimako)
    Bellbirds are unique to New Zealand, occurring on the three main islands, many offshore islands and also the Auckland Islands. Bellbirds are generalist feeders; they eat nectar, fruit and insects, with insects being particularly important to females and chicks during the breeding season. They often feed in tree canopies but do come down to feed on flax and native fuchsia nectar. As nectar-feeders (or ‘honeyeaters’ as scientists call them), bellbirds are important pollinators of many native plant species, such as mistletoe, fuchsia and kowhai. The breeding season is approximately September through to February. Bellbirds are strongly territorial during the breeding season. Bellbirds tend to nest in trees, and prefer trees with dense foliage for cover. Bellbirds are known to mate with the same partner year after year, and the pair maintains the same breeding territory each year. Bellbird song comprises three distinct sounds resembling the chiming of bells.
  • Farm Chicken
    A free range chicken on the farm
  • New Zealand Globe
  • Pauanui
    Pauanui waterways.
  • Ponga Fronds
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Bellbird (Korimako)

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