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Contributors FAQ photographers can make 50% of the sale price of downloaded images. If you would like to earn money with NZStockphotos here is some commonly asked questions:

How do I become a contributing photographer/artist?
The steps to becoming an contributing photographer are very easy. Simply create a NZstockphotos account. Ensure all information you provide is accurate and current.

Be sure to read and agree to the Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Membership Agreement deals specifically with issues relating to contributing photographers such as model releases, intellectual property and contributor earnings, so it is imperative that you read and agree to the terms set out.

You should also thoroughly read the Contributors Manual to understand what we are looking for in photographic submissions.

You will also need a valid Paypal account in order for us to reimburse your contributor earnings from the sale of your photos.

Is there any cost associated with selling images on NZstockphotos?

No, there is no cost involved in selling images on NZstockphotos. It is free to create an account from which you are able buy and sell images.

Do I have to exclusively sell my images on NZstockphotos?

There is no exclusivity clause in our membership/contributing photographer agreement. Whilst you may upload photos to NZstockphotos, you are also free to sell these same images via other outlets.

What kind of earnings can I expect?

Our aim is to provide our contributing photographers/artists with as high a percentage of earnings as possible. Nzstockphotos photographers earn 50% every time one of their images are licenced. If you are GST registered, your earnings will include GST. Please see the Contributor Earnings Schedule for more information.

How do I claim my earnings?
Please see the Contributor Earning Schedule page for a detailed explanation of how to claim your earnings.

Where can I find information about the kind of stock photos suitable for NZstockphotos?

Please take the time to thoroughly read and understand the Contributors Manual. This document outlines the quality and technical requirements for any photographs submitted to the NZstockphotos library. If you have any questions or require additional support please feel free to email us at

How do I upload my photos to
  • Firstly you will need to login to your account.
  • On the left hand bar there is a heading Add New Media - click on this.
  • To Upload files you will need HTML5, Java or Flash.
  • There are 2 ways of uploading files:
    Firstly you can drag the photo from your desktop into the upload box and click start.
    Secondly you can click the Add Files button, then select the files from your computer then click open and start.
  • You will then have the Add Media Details box. This will enable you to give your pictures a title, description and keywords. Please see the Contributors Manual for more details regarding these features.
  • Please also tick the appropriate box for either photos or vector images.
  • All images you have uploaded will appear in the My Media menu and it will also show which images are "pending” approval. All approved images will appear as plain, with no notation attached to the image.
  • Each image will be approved by an NZstockphotos administrator. We may also edit/add details to your keywords and description if necessary and help categorise your images.
If an image is ‘failed’ or declined approval. The image will have "failed approval” above it on your My Media page. If you click on the "Failed approval” a pop up box will tell you the reason for the fail.
All failed images will be automatically deleted after 1 week. You are also able to delete any image at any time from your My Media page.
How do I upload my Model & Property Release Forms?
To upload release forms, login to your account and click through to My Media or Pending Media. Under each thumbnail image, on the left is an Edit (notepad) icon. By clicking this you will be taken to a Edit Media Details box, from this page you will be able to upload your completed release forms.
I have a large number of images to upload, can I send them on CD/DVD?
Yes you can. If you have 100 or more images to contribute you can send them to us on a disk (with any accompanying Release forms).
Login to your NZstockphotos account and go to New Media. Close the upload pop up box, underneath is an Upload button and a Mail CD/DVD link. This Mail link gives the conditions for mailing images and the address to send them to.


Please feel free to contact us with any other queries you may have on

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